Homemade appetizers, genoese dumplings, meat and homemade desserts: the farmhouse Il Monte is an authentic restaurant Km 0 in Santa Margherita Ligure, between Portofino and Camogli


In San Lorenzo della Costa, a characteristic hamlet of Santa Margherita Ligure on the border with Camogli, a restaurant Km 0 keeps alive the most authentic Genoese culinary tradition

Do you want to spend an evening full of rustic aromas at a restaurant km 0 in Santa Margherita Ligure? If the answer is yes, Farmhouse Il Monte will amaze you with its vision of cuisine. Parodi family proposes an idea of restoration faithful to a principle of self-sufficiency. All that is bring to the table has, as its essential basic, typical Ligurian products, obtained with the work done in the three hectares of gardens and terraced olive groves, in the stables and chicken coops in the farm itself.

From here, originate hold beef, goat and chicken, as well as cheeses, vegetables and fresh eggs which enrich many dishes.

Menu and service of this restaurant 0 km in Santa Margherita Ligure are a direct expression of an approach that makes the Farmhouse il Monte a unique restaurant, in Tigullio: the daily menu consisting of 4 starters, 2 main courses, 2 second courses and dessert, reflects a strictly local and seasonal cuisine.

The dishes that you can taste visiting the farm in different seasons of the year:


lardo - restaurant km 0 portofinoSalted meat; Lard; Vegetable pies; Cooked omelets; Seasoned genoese junket; Grilled vegetables; Olive pate; Seasoned olives; Preserves in oil and Pickles

Pasta Dishes

ravioli - restaurant km 0 portofinoRavioli with vegetables, with pumpkin, with artichokes, with eggplant, with potatoes or with beef, served with mushroom sauce, meat sauce, butter and sage or cheese; Noodles or Taglierini with mushrooms sauce, genoese pesto or meat sauce; Risotto with mushrooms sause or vegetables sauce; Pumpkin or cabbage soup ; Minestrone in the genoese style; polenta

Second dishes

meat - restaurante km 0 portofinoRoast beef; Braised, roasted, grilled or boilde meat; Stew; Tripe in the genoese style; “Cima” in the genoese style (Meat stuffed with eggs and vegetables); Stuffed vegetables


dessert - restaurant km 0 portofinoApple pie; Fruit tart; Hazelnut cake; chestnut cake

Price: 35 € including 2 appetizers, 1 first course, 1 second course, 1 side dish, dessert, 1/4 liter of wine, coffee. Specific dietary requirements must be notified when booking.

Opening: the restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. Being a family restaurant in the authentic sense of the term, the reservation with an advance of 24 hours is required.

With at least 8 booked you can request the organization of thematic evenings based on ravioli, polenta, boiled or Florentine steak.