DSC00450-2For four generations (better: five, counting the small Andrea), Parodi family manage, with the spirit of sacrifice and the passion of the people of Liguria, a farmhouse near Portofino; a farm that, instead of appearance and image, cultivates concreteness and substance, values that allow, each day, to translate the hard work of the fields in the dishes that you can taste at the restaurant Km 0 in the farm.

“Who visits our farm – explains Fabio Parodi, who runs the farm with his parents Italo and Graziella, and his wife Susanna – must be aware of entering a different world from the one to which, probably, is accustomed. This is a true agricultural reality, which is based on ideals of simplicity and frugality almost completely unknown to our age. We are not just a restaurant, we are a place where we live and work the land, in contact with animals, and where the surrounding landscape showcases the hard but unique features of the Ligurian countryside “.

Those who want to immerse themselves in this universe populated by terraced gardens, olive groves, stables, donkeys, geese, horses, goats, cattle, chickens and hens, and enjoy the beauty that gives liberally to indulge in an unforgettable holiday in Santa Margherita Ligure, in one of the most ancestral glimpses of Tigullio, may adopt one of the two rooms where the Parodi family welcomes tourists, visitors, simple restaurant customers that after a hearty dinner, accompanied – why not? – By a good wine, prefer not to get behind the wheel of a car.